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Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

To provide sustainable access to safe and sufficient water resources to meet the agricultural and socio-economic development needs of the people in our catchment area, and other various uses in ways that contribute to public health, poverty eradication, enhances food security while at the same time maintaining the integrity of fresh water ecosystem of her catchment area.

Mission Statement

The Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority is responsible for the planning, conserving, developing, managing and delivering both surface and underground water resources and allied services to all Nigerians in the catchment states of Benue, Nassarawa, Plateau and Kogi (East of River Niger) for multi-purpose uses.

Our Key Functions

The Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority is determined to efficiently deliver its services in a prompt and courteous manner to all its customers through the following:

  • Increased access to water supply for domestic and industrial uses.
  • Provision of water for irrigated agriculture by comprehensively developing downstream irrigation infrastructure of the cleared lands in the Authority‚Äôs projects sites in the catchment areas.
  • Maintaining environmental integrity through regular infrastructure maintenance and evaluation.
  • Promotion of basin/client relationship through formation of Group Farmers Society (GFS), Water Users Association (WUA), Extension/Agric Education and Farm Level Advisory Councils.
  • To undertake Hydrological and Hydro-geological investigations.
  • To continually improve our service to our customers.
  • Realized full payment for timely, accurate and complete billing of services delivered.
  • To develop policies and programme towards dam construction.